Book List of 2017

Why hellllooooo!

My name is Pauline and this is my first blog post ever…Hi-five me! So, let’s get this thing started with some facts about me.

About Me

I am about to graduate college from Our lady of the Lake University of San Antonio with a major in Communication and minor in Marketing. OLLU has given me so many opportunities in my career and it was true providence that I was able to study at such a great school.  I also played soccer on the women’s team at the University (we won four championship rings…no biggie) and I met so many of my best friends through the program. One of the organizations I have a role in at the university is the student newspaper, The Lake Front. I once was the editor-in-chief but I found out that wasn’t my thing and remained as the marketing manager. Soon though I will graduate and afterwards, I’m headed to Texas State to receive my masters!


So that’s kind of where I’m at right now. Big stuff, new things, and its just a little scary. But anyways, let’s get to the good stuff.

Books and Drinks

My blog. Books and Drinks. Pretty Simple. I started my blog because I love to read, and I log every book I read. So why not share it with everyone who has the same passion?

This blog is meant to be an interaction between book lovers and enthusiasts. And to add another element to the book reviews, I decided to pair each book with a drink (not just alcoholic drinks…although there might be some of those). My thought behind the drink pairing was that every good book deserves a good reading spot and a drink accompanying it. Sometimes the best way to explain something is to compare it to another. Therefore, tah, dah. Books and Drinks.

To start Books and Drinks, I’ve made a list of books I currently have in my possession. It’s small, but once I acquire a new book, I will add it and refresh the list. Go ahead and make recommendations on new books, I would love your feedback!

1. Life After Life
2. Iron Horse
3. 1984
4. The Magicians
5. 11/22/63
6. Conversion
7. The Circle (Jan. 2017- Jan. 2017)
8. California (Mar. 2017- DNF)
9. Storm Glass
10. Sea Glass
11. Spy Glass
12. When the Wind Blows
13. The Ring
14. Color Blind
15. The Quest
16. The List
17. Identical
18. Last Child
19. Dark Sister
20. Shoot the Moon
21. Wicked (Feb. 2017- Feb. 2017)
22. Uprooted
23. The Girl With All the Gifts (Mar. 2017- Mar. 2017)
24. The Passage
25. Armada (Jan. 2017 -Jan. 2017)
26. The Twelve
27. Natchez Burning
28. The Last Templar
29. The Girl You Left Behind
30. Me Before You (Jan. 2017- Feb. 2017)
31. A Darker Shade of Magic (Feb. 2017-March 2017)
32. I, Lucifer
33. The Angel Maker (Mar. 2017- Apr. 2017)
34. A Gathering of Shadows (Apr. 2017- Apr. 2017)

*In no particular order


Hopefully I will be able to finish all of the books on my list. But keep up with me on this journey as I will post about every book and anything else relevant for this blog. Don’t forget to follow me!



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