The Circle and Sake

Wooo! Book #1 is done! So, The Circle by Dave Eggers was a great book to start the year and Books and Drinks. The Circle is an easy read with 497 pages that go by so fast. Eggers writes in a way that allows the reader to flow (meaning there are no chapters). I started to read on January 2nd and finished on January 16th and I loved the steady flow . At times I found myself caught up in all the drama and thrill, only to realize I was 1/3rd of way done. I recommend this book to any millennials as an example for what may happen if we let technology overrule us. Overall I ranked this book an 8 out of 10.


“Secrets are lies, Sharing is caring, Privacy is theft.”

It all starts with Mae Holland getting the job of a lifetime at the Circle. The Circle is a major tech corporation (sorta like google) that creates a home for all of their employees. Everyone is connected through TruYou. This technological innovation, TruYou was created to be the only search engine/ social media to be used. All your information, zings, smiles and frowns in one place.

Her life at the Circle seems only to improve as she becomes the hit star at the company. But the Circle is about to present something life changing. Their showcase involves a revolution that will keep everyone connected. Lying, stealing and cheating will all be reduced thanks to this new technology… But what about your privacy? It doesn’t exist because everyone has the right to know.

The Circle is only a future warning prophesized by Dave Eggers. The Circle is what we could become and honestly, we’re only a couple of steps away. As a millennial, I enjoy social media and it’s a connection to my friends, family and the world. But what happens when social media goes to far? I can only hope that Eggers society will never be realistic.

The Circle is also a new movie of 2017, for the trailer click here.



So, now that you know a little bit about the book, it’s time to share why I picked Sake to pair with the Circle. Sake is a traditional Japanese white wine, and I first experienced Sake at a local restaurant in San Antonio Sapporo. There are several references towards the drink Sake in the book (Mae tends to drink it when she is having a good time). But Sake is transparent and Sake can get you messed up, just like the Circle.

So, the Sake some what symbolizes what the Circle truly is. The Sake, like the Circle is transparent and it hides nothing. But its not until you fully experience the Sake you realize it’s not innocent. It’s a drink that when you have a little too much can lead to a night you weren’t expecting. The Circle is one and the same as it can be fun at first and makes everything easier, but if you continue to absorb yourself you become lost into the mob of zings, smiles and frowns.

The Sake and the Circle were the perfect connection for me.

On to the next…

I’m excited and ready for my next book, Armada. Ernest Cline is the author of Armada and he is also the author of Ready Player One (Read my review of Ready Player one in my Favorite Books of 2016).

I’ll post my reading journey along the way on Books and Drinks Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to follow for updates on the blog.




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