Armada and Blue Milk

Armada by Ernest Cline was my third book completed for the year of 2017. Armada was a great sci-fi written by the author of, Ready Player One. I reviewed Ready Player One in my Favorite Books of 2016 and I rated it a 9.7 out of 10.

My love for Ready Player One introduced me to Armada and my expectations were set high for this thriller. I finished the total 349 pages of Armada on January 29, 2017. The classic pairing I chose for Armada is Bantha Milk- also known as Star Wars Blue Milk. For the super nerds and Star Wars lovers, you know exactly what milk I’m talking about. For those who don’t…it’s milk….that’s blue. Overall I ranked Armada with a 6 out of 10.



Armada mimics the style used in Ready Player One with many pop culture, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars and video game references used within the plot. Cline incorporates all of these nerdy aspects into the story of a high school student,  Zack Lightman. Zack has a rough childhood growing up without a father. It also doesn’t seem to help that Zack’s father went crazy just before he died. His dad, Xaiver Lightman, theorized that the government was training and preparing the world for an alien invasion through video games and movies such as Star Wars. But for Zack, it’s all just a theory until he looks out side his classroom window one day to see a “goddamn flying saucer”. This flying saucer is also completely identical to the saucers in his favorite video game, Armada. Zack can’t believe everything he sees and starts to question if crazy may be hereditary. Could the Earth Defense Alliance really exist?

Armada was a great book and I recommend it to any gamer or proclaimed nerd. Cline interweaves history of gaming, and movies in our universe, into Zack Lightmans story as timeline. My great expectations were met with some disappointment though and the reason I gave Armada a 6 out of 10. I believe that I wasn’t impressed due to my high expectations and I had already been exposed to Cline’s unique writing style in Ready Player One. The plot of the story became a little to predictable as well. Although there were some twists and turns, there wasn’t enough jumping moments. I consider jumping moments to be that time your eyes jump back to what you just read like, “Wait! What did I just read?!?” I still encourage you to read this book but maybe read Armada first before Ready Player One.


Star Wars Blue Milk

Star Wars Blue Milk makes its grand appearance on page four of Armada when Zack is trying to make sense of the flying saucer outside of his classroom. The subtle hint is barely noticeable for anyone who isn’t a Star Wars fan. In the Star Wars universe, blue milk was first seen in the movie Episode IV, A New Hope. Blue Milk, also known as Bantha Milk, is made by female Banthas in the Star Wars universe (kinda like cows). This vintage match explains and shows what kind of book Armada is. It’s a thrilling novel with a sense of nostalgia for everyone. It’s also super nerdy, just the way I like it!

Armada and blue milk were a classic match and describe each other so well. There are also tales of this book being made into a movie. Ernest Cline hints to his audience of a movie release  in his acknowledgements: “… everyone at Universal Pictures for believing this story would make a good movie…” This book will make a fantastic movie and I’m excited for its release.

On to the next…

My next book is special and just for Valentine’s Day. Me Before You. This book is a total romance and I have yet to see the movie. The attention this book has received is phenomenal, so I hope the book is just the same.




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