St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag

Top o’mornin to you! Happy St. Patricks Day! To celebrate this fun and festive holiday, why not do a book tag?

End of the rainbow: What book did you have a hard time tracking down a copy of?

Morning Star wasn’t difficult to find but, I’m picky about my books. Morning Star by Pierce Brown is the last of the Red Rising Trilogy and I had my other two books in paperback. So, I had to make sure the third book was also in paperback. I know, I’m kinda crazy. But it finally was published in paperback and I bought it as soon as I could.


Pot of gold: When you found that book, was it worth the quest?

               Haven’t read it yet to be honest. I need to refresh my memory about the trilogy so I don’t miss anything. I’m very excited for Morning Star though; the Red Rising Trilogy is one of my favorites. You can read my review on Red Rising here.


Celebrating a rich heritage: Name a book that contains a well-developed culture.

               Hmmm. That’s a tough one. Well I read The Kite Runner for a class and that was based off the Afghanistan culture. It exposed what the culture was truly like and some of the hardships that are faced within that society.


Shamrock Shakes: what’s your favorite food to snack on while reading?

               Oh well I have a snack that I eat almost every night, and that is Honeycrisp Apples and cookie butter. It’s soooo goooood. Do not eat it, this is a warning because once you start, you’ll never stop.


Four Leaf Clover: Name a book you thought would be ‘just another generic book’, but turned out to be something great.

               A Darker Shade of Magic had potential to become another magical young adult book, and that was one of my fears. As I started reading more though, I became very entertained and realized it was worth the hype. You can read more about my book review here.


Irish Whiskey: what’s your favorite tradition of St. Patty’s Day?

               San Antonio has its own local tradition that’s pretty cool. The San Antonio River is dyed green for every St. Patrick’s holiday. It’s a great time to go down to the Riverwalk with a green beer, and great friends.


Well, I hope you enjoy your St. Patty’s day and anyone is welcome to participate in the book tag. I saw this book tag on Zezee with Books.

8 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag

  1. Zezee says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!
    This is the first I’m hearing of cookie butter. I wonder what that tastes like. I keep imagining cookie dough…? Is it similar to that?
    And that’s pretty cool that they dye the river green for the day.


    • booksanddrinks1 says:

      That’s awesome! You can be addicted like me! My favorite pairing is honey crisp apples. I even got my boyfriend hooked on those.


      • Zezee says:

        Haha! Yea, I think I’m addicted too.
        Was thinking about it on my way home from work. I eat it with the Club multi-grain crackers.
        Paired with apples would be yummy. I’m considering to try it with baby carrots.

        Liked by 1 person

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