June Book Hop

For today, I’m gonna do something different. I found this book blogging website, Coffee Addicted Writer which host the Book Blogger Hop.
Bloggers all join this page to submit questions, then from there, the good questions are chosen and organized to a list. Each week is assigned to a new question and this week, the question is: If you could have lunch with any living authors and/or book bloggers, who would you choose and why?
This one question is technically more than that, and I’m gonna answer them all, cause I got the time. Plus, it’s a super interesting question. For the first question, which living author would I have lunch with. This is pretty simple… JIM FREAKEN BUTCHER. I’ve read most of his works, like 90%. I even went to the Houston Comic Con, Comicpalooza (which I highly recommend by the way, it’s totally awesome) just to see Jim Butcher. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it and I didn’t get to see him but I pray for the day.

His writing is so unique, intriguing, and freaking good. His Dresden File series is currently waiting on the 19th book, which is amazing. I mean, it’s a complete talent to write only one book, but to write 19, that’s a gift. And that’s only one series, he also has the Cinder Spire series, and the Codex Alera. Mind blowing, I know. He seems like a guy that I could have a real interesting conversation with. That answers the why.
Now, for the book blogger I would like to grub down with. I would have to say Precious Rouge, because recently we became Blogger Buddies! Don’t forget to follow her! Yay 😊 She’s all the way in Virginia and I’m in good ol’ Texas. We met thanks to the power of Instagram. Our reading and writing style totally complement each other. One day, she’ll be doing a guest book review on Books and Drinks. Keep an eye out for that awesomeness!
This Book Hop is a lot of fun and if you would like to join, let me know! We can share our answers! Oh, and I just finished In the Dark Dark, Wood by Ruth Ware. Book review to come soon!

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