Book Review: Stardust

“He imagined he could see the very faces of the stars; pale they were and smiling gently, as if they had spent so much time above the world, watching the scrambling and the joy and the pain of the people below them, that they could not help being amused every time another little human believed itself the center of its world as each of us does.” – Stardust

Tristran Thorn has found the love of his life, the beautiful Victoria Forester. And like most people in love , Tristran does something crazy. See, Victoria isn’t sure if she loves him or not, so he must prove it to her. (Which doesn’t make any sense, but of course Tristran doesn’t realize it.) As he professes his love for her, a star falls in the distance, and his crazy act begins.

He will bring the star to Victoria, all for a wish, and potentially her hand in marriage. He begins his journey of the unknown with love in his heart, eagerness in his eyes, and adventure in his steps.

Stardust by Neil Gaiman was such a fun read. It left me smiling with happiness in my heart. I started this fantasy novel on June 9, 2017, and finished it on June 14th, 2017. This book is full of adventure, romance, and magic (basically, my type of book).

Stardust 3

I picked up this book to give the famous Gaiman a try. I wanted something familiar and I loved the movie Stardust. I had no idea that the movie had originated from a book so this was actuallyย  good surprise for me. But, before we talk about the movie, lets talk about the book!

I kinda knew the backbone of the story due to the movie, but it was still filled with little surprises. It starts with the origin story of Tristran and the love between his parents. Then, we’re introduced to Tristran’s current life and his dilemma in the love department.

As I mentioned before, he decides to embark on this crazy adventure to retrieve a fallen star. He crosses into an unknown land of magic, not knowing what to expect. His journey takes him to some exciting, and dangerous places, but he must get back to his true love.

Stardust 2

Overall I rated this book a strong 7 out of 10. I fully enjoyed the tales within this book and I loved how there was reason to every little detail.

One of the qualities I didn’t like was the writing style. It was so undescriptive. I mean, Gaiman was supposed to create this whole world full of magic and sometimes the big descriptions/ events were two sentences. I would have to go back and make sure I got every detail from that short description. It was kind of annoying.

But unlike the novel, the movie was so descriptive. And yes, some of the movie plot points differed from the novel but I think this is the only book to movie combo that I liked the movie a lot better. Honestly, this movie is a perfect mix of everything and kind of like Ella Enchanted. Here’s the trailer:

Gourmet Milkshake

My awesome drink pairing for this book is a Gourmet Milkshake by the Bubble Waffle Bar. It’s like a Unicorn Milkshake but ten times better and awesomer. Which isn’t a word but it describes it perfectly. I recommend this fun drink for anyone that stops in San Antonio.

Stardust 1

On to the next…

Up next is The Golden Compass. This is such a big classic and there was a lot of controversy around the movie so it will be an interesting read!

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