Book Review: The Golden Compass

“You cannot change who you are. Only what you do.” – The Golden Compass

In a world similar to ours, there lives a young girl Lyra, with her daemon Pantalaimon (Pan for short), unaware of her true destiny. Her life seems normal as she lives with the scholars at Jordan College, her Uncle Lord Asriel comes to visit sometimes, and her friends are always close by. It all changes the day she’s given the Golden Compass (aka the alethiometer). This Golden Compass shows the truth of the past, present and future. Lyra must embark on a journey to fulfill her destiny and potentially save more than just her world.

This classic is considered to be children’s literature, and as a 22-year old adult, this book was very entertaining and pretty grown up. I honestly was super surprised it was considered children’s when I finished reading. It’s such an in depth story, with concepts that are so mind blowing, it will impact you after reading this book.

GC #2

The Golden Compass was the first of the His Dark Materials trilogy and it was freaken awesome.Β  My love for this book has given it an 8.5 out of 10 stars. I highly recommend this book for all book lovers. This is one of those books that should be required to read for all.

There are so many characters within this novel and Phillip Pullman does an amazing job of giving purpose to every single one of them. To me, that speaks so much talent as a writer. Pullman had to carefully plan his writing in order to ensure the success of the book. That reason makes me appreciate this book so much, because I know there’s a passion and there’s a reason.

Another quality that I love about this book is the in depth problem-solution. Plus the connections and the illusions to our own world. Now this is hard to explain without spoiling the book for you, so you gotta trust me on this one.

Oh, and there is a movie for this book too. It’s not that good to be honest. But it has a good cast. Here’s the trailer:

Bahama Bucks

The drink I’ve chosen is a little different this time. It’s actually a snow cone from Bahama Bucks. The reason I chose this drink is because I read this book in the Texas Summer Heat (which is BRUTALLLL) and because Lyra has a goal to get North, where it’s very cold. This specific snow cone is like a coke float and because of Coca-Cola polar bears, I would thought it would match with the Ice bears within the novel.

GC #5.png

On to the next…

Up next of course is the second book in the trilogy, The Subtle Knife. Pullman left the Golden Compass with so much potential to carry on the rest of his series.

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