It all started with a love for books. I wanted to share my experiences, my thoughts, and my passion, but with who? With you, of course.

My home has always been San Antonio. The great city has taught me through unconditional acceptance, what really is important in life: family. My family is supportive of me in everything I do and is always cheering me along. They’ve seen me grow into the young University student I am today. They were there at all of my soccer games with their sideline chairs and extra shin guards, just in case I forgot mine. Their love, support, advice and hard lessons, all gave me qualities to be successful.


As a young kid, I would lock myself in my closet, surrounded by books and only come out when it was time to eat. Books became my beloved companion. I wouldn’t go anywhere without my book and an extra one just in case I finished it.

For me, books are an adventure. I want something different, I don’t want to read about everyday life (I get tired of that already). My ideal book has adventure, love, comedy and something unusual. This is what I look for in a book and most of the books I review will have these qualities.

Books and Drinks was an inspiration from an internship and my own passion. My internship showed me how to communicate and to share my love for books. But whenever I thought of a good book, I thought of a good drink to go with it. Sometimes the best way to explain or review something is compare it to another thing therefore, the book and the drink.


And to you, thank you for the interest in my blog. I hope you enjoy books as much as I do and like my input. Feel free to leave your ideas, comments or concerns. You can keep up with my blog here:




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