I Am That Girl Book Discussion

I Am That Girl Book Discussion

Hi, and welcome to our Book Discussion with Books and Drinks Blog! My name is Pauline and today we’re at The Last Word. It’s a local bar in San Antonio. It’s a nice, beautiful lounge and its even got a library. So it’s perfect for our setting today as we go over our interview with Mrs. Kim Beechner.

Just a little bit about Mrs. Kim. She is the owner of Embark Marketing. She’s an entrepreneur, for sure, and one bad ass woman! Without a doubt!

She is here today because we have both read the same book and it is I Am That Girl. I Am That Girl is by Alexis Jones.

Just a little bit about the book, it is a book to help inspire women all around the world. (K- Absolutely). And what it does, is use other women’s stories and inspirations to help fuel other women.

So how did you even pick this book? What was the purpose? (K- Well I actually was at a girlfriends house and I saw it on the book shelf and it struck my eye.) I like your friend. (K- Me too! She’s a bad ass girl also. So I saw it on her shelf and I asked her about it, and she was like you know what you can go ahead and take it.)

Alexis takes about several different phases. What phase did you see your self identify with? (K- Well, I identify with more of the later chapters and I think that’s because I’m a little bit older and I’ve gone through the initial part of it. The first part of the book she talks a lot about finding your passion and being bold. Those are things I think I struggled with when I first came out of college and going through that transition stage. But I’ve preserved through that and now I’m on the other side where I found my passion and being bold but, there are other areas I need to work on.)

You know, whatever phase your in, you can find it and fit in this book. (K- Yeah! You’ll find yourself in a little piece of each chapter. Even in the beginning, it was good reassurance.) Definitely. (K- Yeah I’ve done that, cool I’m on the right path) Check, Check! (K- Someone else feels like that. I’m not the only one)

She does a lot of techniques in this book and again it’s a little bit of advice to help you. She’s like, here’s some techniques that could help you. And I do some techniques, this is my little monthly check-in journal that I have. Don’t make fun of me. (K- She gives prompts and then writing and exploring those options can be an eye opener)

(K- Make a list of your priorities and your goals in life and then print out your bank statement and compare the two. I felt like, Wow! That makes total sense! You’re gonna spend money where your priorities are. If your goal is to do one thing, and your always out and spending money over here on another thing, it really opens your eyes. Like, hey, my actions are not speaking true to my passions and my dreams. So something is wrong and I need to re-evaluate.)

(K- She’s all about girls supporting girls) Yes! (K- Like why do girls hate on each other?) I have no idea why that even happens! (K- Lets not girl hate!)

So the whole point of this book is define yourself as “That Girl”. There’s many definitions, but how do you define yourself as “That Girl”? (K- You are self aware, and spiritual in your own being. you have a connection with your self and you put yourself first. But I also think after you accomplish that, then you are that girl and what you see your self being. For me, I feel like I am in tune with myself. I’m also an entrepreneur, I run a business and so in those worlds, I am that girl. I can do it all. I can be the mom, do the business, I can be the wife. I can do it all.)

Drinks- French 75

So let’s get to the fun part of the discussion, The Drinks! (K- I chose the French 75. Because it comes it this beautiful little champagne glass. It’s cute and I feel important and I am important, and fancy. As are you.) Oh thank you!

(K- Girl! That’s what I’m sayin!) We’re definitely gonna need an Uber tonight (K- And it’s good too) It is really good. We’ll be good tonight. Sleeping easy.

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Well it’s always nice to talk to another book lover and share a book discussion. So that’s what this is all about! And again, thank you Kim, thank you the Last Word for letting us come out and enjoy some marvelous drinks. Oh! Don’t forget to follow us, please! Instagram and Facebook! You can keep up with our everyday and see what’s going on see what’s the update.



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