Favorite Books of 2016

2016 was the first year I started to log the books I would read. I would log my books by writing down my thoughts of the book before I started reading and my thoughts of the book after I finished. I also recorded the day I started the book, the amount of pages, and the date I finished with an overall rating. I enjoyed it so much that I took it to the next level… a blog! Which you are now reading (thank you very much by the way).

I definitely had three books that are my new lifetime favorites from 2016. These books all had my top qualities of adventure, love, comedy and something unusual. And because all three of these are my favorites, I chose one of my favorite drinks to go with them- Breakfast Blend, Green Mountain Coffee.



My top book is Inheritance by Christopher Paolini . Inheritance is the last book of the epic Inheritance Cycle. I hated it when the series ended only because I loved it so much. A boy and his dragon take on the world and with so many twists and turns, you actually feel a part of the Inheritance universe. And although there is one main character, the series allows you to explore other characters and their stories which adds so much depth to the story.

I tried looking up Christopher Paolini’s information to see if he is writing another book for the series but it doesn’t seem so. But…he is writing a book for another series and it is a sci-fi. Even though it’s a different genre, I’m so excited to see what other stories he has in store for us.

And remember the movie Eragon? Yeah, if you don’t its because it was so bad, if you do it’s because it was so bad. Please, I beg you, don’t let that movie cloud your judgment. The movie was literally nothing like the book. Overall, I gave this book a 10 out of 10 rating!

Red Rising


My second favorite book is Red Rising by Pierce Brown. This book was something totally unexpected for me. I had the book a whole two years sitting on my shelf before I even read it. Boy, was I missing out on some good reading (for real tho). I would recommend this book to any Harry Potter or Game of Thrones fan. A short gist of the plot includes this guy, Darrow, who goes through a pretty traumatic experience and wants revenge. He decides to go deep undercover to infiltrate his enemies, only to become one of them.

I really don’t want to give too much away, you just have to trust me on this one. Giving away too much detail will uncover some of the surprises. I mean, I’m pretty sure… no I am sure, that they’re going to make a movie out of it which will be so awesome! As a final review though, I ended up giving this one a 9.5 out of 10 rating.

Ready Player One


My last (but not least) favorite is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. For all gamers and readers this is the perfect book. (I’m trying to get my gamer boyfriend to read it, so far I am unsuccessful.) Little Wade is an unfortunate soul and lives in the slums without his parents. He lives a tough life. Oh! And this is all in the near future by the way, when everyone has their own virtual reality set. In this universe going to school involves hooking up to your VR set to OASIS and attending class “in person”. You can even go into chat rooms that are customizable rooms with secluded access.

Wade lives in a world in which technology is a priority and when a major tech creator dies, the world goes insane. And to make it even more crazy, the creator died hiding a life changing prize with in his creation of OASIS. The hunt is on and Wade is the first to find a clue for the grand prize.

Overall it’s such a cool book and another soon to be movie. I gave the book a 9 out of 10.

Later on, when all these movies come out, you’ll find me on opening night nerding out.

All in all, these books were the best 2017 had to offer. While Inheritance and Red Rising are part of a series, both are great books and each book is as good as the first in its series.

So if you’re looking for a series to get obsessed about, I definitely recommend these two. Ready Player One isn’t a series but Ernest Cline has written another book, Armada and that one is definitely on my Book List for 2017.

2017 is a new year and hopefully it will bring some new favorite books!